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Marriage and Weddings
What's it all about ?

‘…to have and to hold from this day forward;

for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish til death us do part…’


Getting married is one of the most serious decisions any couple can make - but also one of the most joyful and live-giving, not only for the two people involved but their families, friends and the communities of which they are a part.

We certainly love conducting weddings in our churches!

However long a couple have known each other before they get married, there’s no doubt that the wedding day itself marks a significant milestone - and conducting the ceremony in a beautiful, ancient, spiritual building such as a church adds a very special touch.

  • Marriage involves a very intimate, personal commitment between two people who promise to stick together through thick and thin, and put the needs of each other first

  • But it’s also a ceremony held in public, surrounded by all those who will journey with the couple, celebrating their joys, helping them work through their challenges, and reminding them of the promises made that day

  • It’s a legal ceremony in which the couple take on a new identity, perhaps even a new name, in the eyes of the law and wider society

  • And, most importantly in the case of a church wedding, it’s an opportunity to invite the very source of love - God - to play an active role in the midst of married life.


Our Frequently Asked Questions section below or the Church of England Website may give you more information.


Next steps - Contact us to arrange a meeting where we can talk you through both the significance of the

ceremony and the practicalities in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers

How much does it cost to get Married in Church?

There is one main fee for the marriage service - currently £480 - plus some other optional things you may wish to include such as ringing of bells, flowers or heating (if winter).

Are there any restrictions on who can be married?

You must be old enough - at least 16 years and, if under 18 years, have your parents’ consent. It is not currently legally possible for same-sex couples to be married in the Church of England. There are special guidelines for those who have been divorced - but it’s not impossible to be married again in church and we can talk to you about your particular situation.

Who can get married in church?

If either one of the couple lives within the parish of Long Ashton, Flax Bourton or Barrow Gurney then you automatically have a legal right to be married here in your local parish church. This right also extends to those who lived or worshipped here in the past, or have various types of family connection - such as parents or grandparents who were married or baptised here. You can check the list of so-called ‘qualifying connections’ here. Even if you don’t have a connection to the church or the village, it’s certainly not impossible to be married here. Please do get in touch to talk through the options.

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