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Baptism - or Christening
What's it all about ?

‘Today God has touched you with his love and given you a place among his people.  God promises to be with you in joy and in sorrow, to be your guide in life, and to bring you safely to heaven.  In baptism God invites you on a life-long journey.’


So begins one of the prayers in the baptism service.


It reminds us that baptism is the start of a lifelong journey, a path we are all invited to walk with the support and company of those around us and, most importantly, with God.


Baptism is about:


  • Welcome - not only celebrating the arrival of the newest member of your immediate family, but also a welcome into the local worshipping community and into the family of faith - the church - which stretches around the world and across time.


  • Tradition - in the truest sense of the word - i.e. the ‘handing on’ of something valuable to a new generation. In this case, what we’re passing on is the priceless treasure of God’s love, shown us in Jesus, and the gift of faith.


  • Support - we all know life can be tricky to navigate. but we can equip ourselves and our children to deal with the twists and turns of life by tapping into a source of wisdom and advice, the promise of the prayers of a supportive community and the assurance of God’s presence at every step.


In baptism, we make promises - for ourselves or on behalf of our children - to do our best to walk in God’s ways day by day, believing that this is the route to ‘life in all its fullness’, as Jesus promised.

Our Frequently asked Questions section below or the Church of England Website may be able to provide more information.


Next steps - Contact us to arrange a meeting where we can talk you through both the significance of the ceremony and the practicalities in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers

How much does baptism cost?

Nothing. The baptism service is entirely free of charge.

What’s the difference between Baptism and Christening?

Not much! Sometimes Christening is associated with the naming of a child - whereas Baptism is the ceremony of invitation into a life of faith - but really they are one and the same. We might say: ‘During the baptism service, Fred and Freda will be christened’.

Who can be baptised?

Anyone! We can all choose to set out on this journey, and at any age - it’s not only for children. Baptism is a heartfelt response to an experience of the love of God in our lives. If you feel moved to make that sort of response for yourself, or on behalf of your child, then baptism is something to explore.

Is there an alternative to Christening if we’re not sure what we believe?

Yes - do get in touch for a conversation. We can help you explore the options and it may be that a Simple service of thanksgiving for the birth of your child may be a more appropriate choice.

When would a baptism happen?

We normally celebrate baptism during our main 10.00am service on a Sunday and we’ll work with you to find the most appropriate date for both the church calendar and your own family commitments. In particular circumstances, it may be possible to hold a separate ceremony at another time. The service will also include songs and hymns, a Bible reading and a short talk, often with an interactive element. Children are fully included in what’s happening, and there are often activities or jobs for them to do such as pouring the water into the font!

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