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What's it all about ?

‘Heavenly Father, thank you for the love from which we can never be separated,

for although our loved ones are gone from our sight they cannot be gone from our hearts.

When the shadows fall, may we have the courage to leave them in your care

and trust in the strength of your embrace supporting us.’


The end of a life of a loved one brings with it a complex mixture of emotions. Grief, loss and shock may also be accompanied by a sense of relief for the end of suffering, even thanksgiving and celebration for a life well-lived.


We may be concerned for the effect on others as much as for ourselves. There may be deep questions to ask as we seek to make sense of the situation or find new purpose.


A ‘good’ funeral enables us to hold all these emotions together in a way that is both highly personal and fitting for a uniquely loved soul, but also draws on the timeless comfort of music, words and prayers which have sustained human beings over the centuries.


As your local church, we have a team of trained ministers who can help you plan and conduct just the sort of funeral service you have in mind for yourself or your loved one. More importantly, we will be there for the long run, continuing to support and accompany you for as long as is necessary after the event.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section below or the Church of England website may provide more information

Next steps - In the event of a death, make sure you talk to your Funeral Director and ask them to contact the local church if you would like a minister to be involved, whether your loved one attended church or not.


You can also arrange to talk now with James, our Rector, or one of our team if you would like to plan your own funeral, or discuss any questions or concerns you may have about what happens at the end of life.

Frequently Asked Questions ... and Answers

How much does a funeral cost?

The basic fee for a funeral service led by a Church of England minister in a church or crematorium is currently £206. There are a range of other fees for burial depending on the particular circumstances. Your funeral director will be able to incorporate these fees into the total cost of the funeral.

Can we have a funeral if we don’t go to church?

That doesn’t matter. Church of England ministers - and local church buildings - are available to serve anyone who lives in their parishes, whether they attend church or not, and we will always be sensitive to the particular needs, values and beliefs of each family we support.

Where can funerals happen?

Many funeral services take place in a church before going on to a crematorium or cemetery/ graveyard for what is known as the ‘committal’ - i.e. a cremation or burial. However, it’s also possible to hold the whole service in the crematorium or even in the open air at the graveside. After a cremation, ashes can be buried in a separate service in a registered burial ground.

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